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Oman Navy receives first high speed support vessel

RNOV AL MUBSHIR (S11) during sea trials off Western Australia, March 2016. Photo: Austal.

NEW DELHI (BNS): The Royal Navy of Oman has taken delivery of the High Speed Support Vessel (HSSV) RNOV Al Mubshir built by defence prime contractor, Austal.

The RNOV Al Mubshir is the first of two 72 metre HSSVs to be delivered to the Royal Navy of Oman under a US$124.9 million contract, Austal said in a statement.

The Company commenced construction of the HSSVs in August 2014 at its Henderson, Western Australia shipyard, with the second HSSV scheduled to be delivered later in CY2016, in line with the contract.

The HSSV offers a range of capabilities to support naval operations, including helicopter operations, rapid deployment of military personnel and cargo, and search and rescue operations.

The vessels are expected to be deployed with a similar mission to the US Navy's Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) programme.

"The HSSV leverages our revolutionary intellectual property and technology in high speed vessels and demonstrate our proven ability as a prime defence contractor to navies across the globe," said Austal Chief Executive Officer David Singleton.

"Construction of the second HSSV is progressing well and on track for delivery to the Royal Navy of Oman later this year," he added.


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