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Northrop to produce AN/SPQ-9B radars for US Navy

The AN/SPQ-9B radar fitted on a US naval ship.

NEW YORK (BNS): American defence and aerospace company Northrop Grumman has received a $26.2 million contract from the US Navy to produce AN/SPQ-9B shipboard radar systems for its ships.

The high-resolution X-band search radar will enable the naval ships in detecting and tracking threats like high-speed anti-ship missiles.

Under the contract, Northrop will supply four shipsets to the Navy, the company said.

The contract also includes the options that could bring the total value to $281.5 million. The options include a wide range of US aircraft carriers, cruisers and amphibious assault ships, as well as the US Coast Guard National Security Cutter, it said.

The AN/SPQ-9B is a multi-mission radar that can be used during shore bombardment, anti-surface warfare, and limited anti-air warfare. It uses a high resolution, ‘track-while-scan’, X-Band, along with a Doppler radar to provide real time acquisition and automatic tracking of multiple targets.

The search equipment is designed to enhance the ability of ships and vessels to defend themselves against small, fast-moving threats, like surface-skimming anti-ship missiles.

The radar is integrated in the ship’s fire-control system. It can detect its target despite of disturbance due to ocean waves, rain, or due to chaffing and jamming. It can operate independently and also as an integral part of a weapons system.

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