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New Howitzer for US Army unveiled by BAE Systems

Paladin Integrated Management vehicle (PIM). BAE Systems Photo.

PENNSYLVANIA (BNS): BAE Systems Wednesday unveiled its upgraded PIM (Paladin Integrated Management) vehicle for the US Army.

According to a news release by the BAE Systems, PIM is the next generation howitzer in the M-109 Paladin family of vehicles, a combat proven weapon system.

"The modernization of the Paladin is a critical step in providing the Army with a sustainable and supportable fleet of upgraded vehicles," said Joe McCarthy, vice president and general manager of the Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) systems for BAE Systems, as reported in the release.

US Army awarded the $63.9 million worth defence contract to the BAE Systems in 2009. As per the contract, the company has to produce seven PIM vehicles: five Self Propelled Howitzers and two Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicles.

PIM vehicle incorporates a state-of the-art "digital backbone" and robust power generation capability and integrates electric elevation and traverse drives, electric rammer and digital fire control system.

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