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Neighbouring country in proxy war, gathering forces at borders: Army chief

HYDERABAD (PTI): Indian Army chief General Dalbir Singh has stressed the need for vigilance on the borders where he said "neighbouring country" is "accumulating" its forces while engaging in proxy wars with the help of non-state actors.

"There is the need to be vigilant across borders as neighbouring country is indulging in proxy war with the help of non-state actors and accumulating its forces at the borders," an official release on Wednesday quoted Singh as saying.

However, the Chief of the Army Staff did not name any country.

The Army chief addressed the valedictory function of the Higher Defence Management course at the College of Defence Management in Secunderabad.

He said the violence in north east and some other areas has come down as people want to live in peace.

Singh said the pace of modernisation of Indian Army has been accelerated and efforts are made to replace old and obsolete machinery and equipment.

"General Singh has pointed out that the national security environment has become challenging due to its complexity and unpredictability," stated the release.

He expressed confidence that the training in identifying "cognitive biases" during the course would serve the participating officers well and enable them to take timely and positive action-oriented decisions as senior military leaders.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Rear Admiral Dushyant Singh Chouhan, Commandant College of Defence Management, highlighted the activities of the past academic year and hoped that the course curriculum has succeeded in stimulating effective management thought processes and operational effectiveness in the armed forces.


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