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Navantia launches fifth F-105 frigate for Spanish Navy

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FERROL (BNS): Navantia has launched the F-105 frigate “Cristóbal Colón” (Christopher Colombus—Ed.) from its Fene-Ferrol shipyard for Spanish Navy.

F-105 is the fifth frigate in the F-100 series that Navantia has built for the Spanish Navy since 2000.

The frigate was launched in the presence of Chief of Navy, Manuel Rebollo, the Vice-President of SEPI, Federico Montero and the President of Navantia, Aurelio Martínez.

Navantia started the construction of the frigate in 2007 and had laid the keel in February 2009.

The F-105 incorporates modifications respect to other F-100 units, derived from the improvements achieved in the productive process and from the experience gained in the operation of the ships of the series.

The latest frigate in the series has been incorporated with advanced Command and Control System. Lockheed Martin new radar, AEGIS 1-D (V) is also installed in the frigate.

Spanish Navy will commission the frigate into service by summer 2012.


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