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Myanmar's ties with India, Japan, West concern China

BEIJING (PTI): Myanmar's growing rapport with Japan, Western nations and India could influence Sino-Myanmar relations and put pressure on China's "strategic space" in the Southeast Asian nation, Chinese state media has said.

"The growing rapport between Myanmar and the West could influence Sino-Myanmar relations and put pressure on China's strategic space", a write-up in the official daily Global Times said Sunday.

It noted that Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso pledged debt relief of USD 5.74 billion and a fresh loan of 50 billion yen during his ongoing Myanmar visit, an attempt interpreted as targeting China, the article said.

"In addition, the Indian Defence Minister A K Antony will head for Naypyitaw later this month to "boost bilateral military cooperation and counter China's deep strategic inroads there," the article said.

"Myanmar is certainly undergoing changes. Some analysts hold that China's backyard is on fire and an anti-China front is gradually being shaped in Myanmar. This exaggerates the impact of these changes and underestimates the strength of the Sino-Myanmar relationship", it said.

"China is now Myanmar's biggest investor and second biggest trading partner, the two have considerable common strategic and economic interests," it said.

Added to the concerns is the current conflict between Myanmar army and Kachin rebels entrenched in areas bordering China.

Three bombs reportedly fired by Myanmar fighter jets fell on the Chinese side of the border causing damage recently.

While Chinese Foreign Ministry said a representation has been made to Myanmar to avoid similar incidents, China's air force said no Myanmar jets violated Chinese airspace.

The armed conflicts in the north of Myanmar endanger the stability of the Sino-Myanmar border region. China should be more actively engaged in helping Myanmar solve domestic troubles, the article said.


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