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More Airpower for Hindon Air Force station.

Three C-130J Hercules aircraft flying in formation. A File Photo

NEW DELHI (BNS): Indian Air Force (IAF) has begun modernisation process with the Hindon Air Force station under the Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure programme (MAFI). The airfield will get C-130J Hercules tactical transport aircraft and sensitive radars.

Nine airfields of Western Air Command (WAC) were modernized under this programme in 2008.

"The base will be ready by 2011 and will be equipped with some of the most modern assets of the IAF. After Hindon, the MAFI's project will be carried out at other airfields nationwide. The pilot project is to modernise the infrastructure of our airfields, making them suitable for operating all types of aircraft," said a senior IAF officer on the condition of anonymity to MidDay

According to MoD officials, C-130J Hercules will be deployed in Hindon base under US contract and they are speciallly assigned for the Special Forces (SF).

Indian Air Force (IAF) will also install most sensitive radars on the base that will be capable in operating all weather conditions. IAF is also planning to upgrade the connectivity between all its Air bases and Air Force stations.

Meanwhile, after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks government has also decided to establish NSG hubs in various parts of the country.

"The new Hindon base too can be used by the National Security Guards (NSG) commandos to reach any part of the country. The Hercules too will have special qualities for commando-based operations. IAF has also raised Garud commandos which are presently based at Chandipur airbase in Orissa," said the officer.

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