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MiG-29 fighters deployed for Delhi

File photo of a MiG-29 formation. Courtesy IAF

NEW DELHI (PTI): In the wake of intelligence reports warning of possible 9/11 like terror strikes, the Indian Air Force has deployed its MiG 29 fighter aircraft at Hindon air base near here on a "temporary basis" to tackle threat from any "rogue" aircraft.
"We have deployed our MiG 29 fighter aircraft on a temporary basis for the air defence of the capital from any rogue terrorist aircraft," a senior Western Air Command (WAC) official said.

The capital falls under the WAC.

Three aircraft from Adampur and Halwara MiG 29 air bases in Punjab are present at the base.

"MiG 29 squadrons scattered in Punjab are sending three-aircraft detachments to the base in rotation," he said.

Till now, Delhi's aerial security was looked after by air bases in Ambala and Bareilly.

The fighter aircraft deployed here are in addition to the other conventional ground based air defence platforms such as the surface-to-air missiles and the anti aircraft guns.

This is the first time since 1996 that the base has reactivated for fighter aircraft operations after it was closed due to increasing bird activity near the base.

"This air base used to operate MiG 27 fighter aircraft earlier but due to a few accidents caused by bird hits, it was closed down for flying fighter aircraft," the official said.

In 2006, IAF's Director General (Inspection and Flight Safety), had recommended that operations from the air base could be resumed with twin-engine aircraft with decreased bird activity due to the various measures taken by the IAF.

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