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Mexican Air Force receives T-6C+ trainers

Beechcraft T-6C. Photo: Hawker Beechcraft.

WICHITA, KANSAS (BNS): The Mexican Air Force (FAM) has received four of six Beechcraft T-6C+ military trainers ordered from Hawker Beechcraft Defence Company (HBDC).

The aircraft were delivered at Santa Lucia Air Force base in Reyes Acozac, Mexico, and were accompanied by Mexican air force flight instructors trained on the aircraft.

FAM's order is the first for the new T-6C+, an enhanced version of the T-6 military trainer aircraft.

"These airplanes will form the backbone of the flight training programme for the next generation of exceptional Mexican Air Force pilots, and we're honoured to be a part of it. We view this delivery of the first four aircraft as an important initial step in a long and successful relationship with the FAM," Russ Bartlett, president, Hawker Beechcraft Defence Company, was quoted as saying in the company news release.

The aircraft is capable of carrying external stores and delivering practice weapons for training purposes, and will replace the FAM's aging PC-7 fleet. The FAM will use the T-6C+ for intermediate to advanced tactics including air-to-ground weapons employment capabilities and training.

The T-6C+ features a hard-point wing, Heads-Up Display, Up-Front Control Panel, an integrated glass cockpit and an advanced Esterline CMC Cockpit 4000 avionics suite that greatly expands advanced training opportunities. The systems are integrated with a Hands-On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS), providing the student pilot and instructor with a simpler interface to the digital cockpit.

The remaining two aircraft will be delivered to Mexico on September 16.


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