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Meteorite fall in Latvia creates 33 ft deep crater

RIGA (BNS): A meteorite fall near a small town in northern Latvia has left a 33 feet deep crater.

The meteorite fell near a residential area on the outskirts of Mazsalaca town in Valmiera district of Latvia on Sunday, RIA Novosti said quoting the local media.

No one was injured in the incident, it said.

The meteorite fall resulted in a crater 66 feet in diameter and 33 feet in depth. The area was immediately cordoned off.

Officials are ascertaining whether the fallen object is an asteroid or a space satellite.

“The territory has been immediately cordoned off as we still do not know what fell down from the sky. According to preliminary information, it was a meteorite. However, it is possible that it was a (space) satellite or its fragment. A radioactive contamination is also possible,” a spokesperson for the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service said.

A witness, who saw the object falling from the sky and leaving a burning trace behind, said it made a noise similar to an aircraft flying at a low altitude.

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