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Mesmerising aerial display by acrobatic teams dazzles skies at Aero India 2015

The aerobatics display by Breitling Wingwalkers of UK. A Brahmand photo

YELAHANKA, BENGALURU (BNS): The 10th edition of Asia's Premier Air show - Aero India 2015 kicked off at Bengaluru's Yelahanka Airport with aerial displays by military and civil aircraft, including India's own Sarang helicopters.

The world-acclaimed aerobatics team participating in the show are Breitling Wingwalkers from Aero Superbatics Ltd, UK; Yakovlevs Display Team Airborne Services Ltd, UK; Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team, Czech Republic; IAF Sarang Team, India; Scandinavian Air Show team, Sweden including Open Sky Jump by US Special Forces, USA.

The teams are showcasing spectacular aerobatic performances and enthralling the young and old onlookers.

The Breitling Wingwalkers performed breathtaking sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and handstands whilst strapped to the top wings of the team's beautiful Boeing Stearman biplanes. The team pilots flew the aircraft through a well-rehearsed energetic routine of dazzling aerobatics and close formation flypasts as the wingwalkers waved at the crowd.

The Yakovlevs are entertaining the spectators with the precision of their formation flying. The team flies the Russian aircraft made by the Yakovlevs Design Bureau. Leading the Yakovlevs is the world's most powerful Yak 52, known as the Super 52.

The Flying Bulls aerobatics team of Czech Republic flies four modified Zlín Z-50 LX aircraft. The planes, painted in colours of Red Bull energy drink, are using white smoke generators during the air show.

On Thursday, during one of the aerial displays, two aircraft of the aerobatic team scrapped each other in the sky while performing stunts. Both landed safely but the wing of one plane was damaged.

IAF'S Sarang helicopter display team, flown by young IAF helicopter pilots are the show-stoppers whenever they take to the sky. The Sarang Helicopter Display Team has the unique distinction of being one of the only two helicopter display teams in the world, the other being "Blue Eagles" of the British Army.

With air show pilots, Skycat wingwalkers and the aircrafts - Viking, Catwalk & Wasp the Scandinavian Air Show team is entertaining the air show crowd with breathtaking aerial performances.

The five-day biennial event aims at promoting products and services being offered by Indian Defence Industry in the international market besides providing exposure to the Armed Forces, R&D personnel to the latest aviation and aerospace industry.

Over 600 companies and 78 overseas delegations are participating in the international event touted as Asia's premier air show. The largest overseas participation is seen from the USA followed by France, UK, Israel and Russia.

With 64 companies, US is the leading participant in the exhibition among 33 other countries participating. Others major participants include France (58), UK (48), Russia (41), Israel (25) and Germany (17).

Organised by Defence Exhibition Organisation, the Ministry of Defence, the air show provides a significant platform for Indian and foreign vendors.

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