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Malaysian Submarine completes first sea trials

Royal Malaysian Navy scorpene-type submarine undergoes sea trials. A file photo

NEW DELHI (BNS): Royal Malaysian Navy Scorpene-type submarine Tunku Abdul Rahman has completed its first sea trials off the Malaysian coast, a media report said.

The trials confirmed the submarine's capability for underwater service.

'These trials demonstrate that the Royal Malaysian Navy has successfully established the country's first ever submarine force,' Pierre Quinchon, head of DCNS's Submarine division was quoted as saying by Defense World website.

'We are proud indeed of our contribution to this success and the close ties built up with Malaysia,' he said.

With a displacement of 1,550 tonnes for a length overall of 67.5 meters, each boat requires a crew of just 31 and offers 45 days' endurance, the report said.

The Scorpene was designed by DCNS and developed jointly by DCNS and Spanish naval shipbuilder Navantia.

KD Tun Razak, the second Scorpene for the Royal Malaysian Navy, currently in Toulon, will sail from France to Malaysia in a few months.

A contract between Malaysian government and DCNS for two Scorpene submarines and associated logistics and training was signed in June 2002.

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