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MBDA to offer future soldier support weaponry at Farnborough

WASHINGTON (BNS): MBDA will present a next-generation support weaponry for the future soldier at the Farnborough International Airshow, 2010.

The Concept Visions initiative will develop a highly innovative system concept to shape the future defence market in key domains for 2030 and beyond.

"The new Concept Visions process represents another example of MBDA driving innovation in the missile systems market, allowing us to develop a vision of the future for key defence domains,” Steve Wadey, Executive Group Director Technical / Managing Director UK, MBDA, said in a company press release.

The CVS101 system concept is designed as an infantry fire support weapon system, which will provide a light-weight, long range precision weapon system. It is also designed to engage opportunity targets and its flexibility, ready availability and responsiveness that would deliver precision fire support against a wide range of military and peace keeping roles.

Unlike current weapons, the CVS101 system will provide highly accurate and precise targeting sensors and aiming capability together with a contemporary, easy to use fire control system that ensures man-in-the-loop decision making at all times.

The light weight weaponry is designed to reduce the equipment burden on the dismounted soldier.


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