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MBDA tests Aster missiles from Cavour carrier

PARIS (BNS): MBDA has recently carried out two Aster launches to demonstrate the effectiveness of its missiles.

The launches to test the effectiveness of the SAAM/IT system were carried out on May 18 and 19, in “autonomous” (self-controlled) mode and the other in “integrated” mode, controlled by the combat system.

MBDA said, the autonomous mode launch was intended to test the SAAM/IT system's ability to search, identify and intercept an attacking sea-skimmer missile as a direct threat to the ship herself.

The purpose of the integrated trial was to demonstrate the combat management system's ability to target threats and to designate the SAAM/IT system to neutralise a threat similar to a sea-skimmer missile.

In both trials the threat was simulated using a MIRACH aerial target, configured as a missile. The launches conducted from Italian Navy's Cavour carrier were entirely successful and the Aster missiles completed their tasks as required, the company said.


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