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MBDA advances FASGW/ANL programme

An MBDA photo

PARIS (BNS): MBDA has been successfully developing the technical maturity data of the main FASGW(H)/ANL since being launched as a Joint Assessment Phase in 2009.

The Future Anti Surface Guided Weapon (Heavy)/Anti Navire Leger is a Helicopter Launched Anti-Surface Guided Missile aimed at delivering a solution to meet the UK and French military requirements.

The weapon is designed to undertake both offensive and defensive maritime missions against targets ranging from Corvette sized vessels to Fast Inshore Attack Craft. The missile is designed for the AW159 Lynx Wildcat, NH90 and Panther.

According to MBDA, high speed wind tunnel trials have been performed on a representative scale model of the missile and gas gun firings have been achieved and validate the warhead design.

Motor firings have been carried out to confirm performance in various thermal environments and sea trials of data link terminal and missile antenna have been carried out under a wide range of sea states and weather conditions.

Trails of main missile sensors, such as the seeker and the radio-altimeter have been conducted at sea or in simulation so as to gather the necessary data for the Demonstration & Manufacture phase, it said.

“As planned, the Assessment Phase contract has now delivered a system design and the necessary sub-systems proof of maturity,” Antoine Bouvier Chief Executive Officer of MBDA said.

“I am confident that these results together with the discussions we are having with the two national customers will allow us to enter soon into the Demonstration & Manufacture phase and confirm FASGW(H)/ANL as a cornerstone of Anglo-French cooperation in the Complex Weapons Sector,” he said.


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