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Lockheed's SMSS demonstrates autonomous performance

Lockheed Martin’s Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) vehicle

DALLAS, TX (BNS): Lockheed Martin’s Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) vehicle has proved in a series of demonstration tests that it can perform detailed logistics tasks without human control.

During the test conducted at the company’s facility in Littleton, the SMSS vehicle performed all autonomous operations flawlessly, a Lockheed Martin statement said.

The vehicle also demonstrated its ease of operability in real-time controller-to-controller hand-offs, allowing different operators to take control of the vehicle as it arrived at new locations.

Operators also disengaged autonomy and went on board the vehicle to control it manually, showcasing user options in commanding the system.

“We’ve already proved the advantages SMSS can bring in the field through U S Army-funded War fighter experiments. These recent trials showed how SMSS can perform in crowded, limited environments transporting tons of cargo” said Don Nimblett, senior Business Development manager.

A highly mobile 6x6 vehicle, the SMSS can carry 1,200 pounds of gear for a 9- to 13-person squad, and it can accompany the squad on many missions through heavy terrain.

The fully loaded SMSS can be sling-loaded under a UH-60L helicopter, or carried internally in a CH-47/53 helicopter. The robotic capabilities and autonomy utilized on SMSS are also applicable to a much broader range of robotic applications, missions and vehicles.


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