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Lockheed Martin receives contract for U S Marine Corps Targeting System

Target Sight System (TSS). Photo: Lockheed Martin

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (BNS): Lockheed Martin has received a $33.9 million follow-on production contract from the Naval Surface Warfare Centre (NSWC), Crane Division, for the Target Sight System (TSS), the fire control system for the U S Marine Corps' AH-1Z Cobra attack helicopter.

TSS' advanced sensors provide pilots with enhanced capabilities to acquire, track and designate targets. TSS Lot 10 deliveries will be complete in December 2015.

The highly stabilized sensor suite includes a laser designator, colour video display and a third-generation, mid-wave, forward-looking infrared sensor with advanced image processing. In 2011, the AH-1Z deployed operationally with TSS.

TSS is one of several high-performance stabilized targeting systems designed, manufactured, tested and supported by Lockheed Martin.

The company's fielded solutions for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft include Modernised Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor for the U S Army, Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod for the U S Air Force and the AN/AAQ-39 targeting system for the U S Air Force Special Operations Command.

"This contract allows our TSS team to move seamlessly into an accelerated delivery schedule ensuring the system is available to warfighters during critical missions," said Brad Partain, senior programme manager of airborne systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

"The system enables pilots to see farther, engage threats with increased confidence and safely return to base."

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