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Lightweight 155mm Howitzer

The M777 Howitzer is a 155mm towed gun approved by US navy as their next generation Medium Force weapon, specially built to replace the US Marine Corps (USMC) cannon systems and be used as a direct support weapon.

The construction of the M777 is mainly done by titanium castings. The use of titanium enables it to reduce the weight upto 3,175kg (7,000lb) comparing with its predecessor M198 howitzer which it replaced in US Army and USMC inventory. Two M777s can be transported in a C130 aircraft and can also be dropped by parachute. The M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer (M777) incorporates innovative designs to achieve lighter weight ,smaller footprint, and lower profile provide improved strategic deploy ability, tactical mobility, and survivability.

The LW 155 maximum firing range assisted is 30(threshold) to 40 (objective) kilometers with rocket-assisted US munitions (i.e., M549A1) and 22.5 (threshold) to 30 (objective) kilometers with unassisted US munitions (i.e., M795, M825A1 or XM898) with the M203A1 propelling charge. The LW 155 high angle indirect fire minimum range firing the M107 projectile and current propelling charges shall not be greater than 3,700 (threshold) to 2,700 (objective) meters.

The M777 has a production weight of 3,745kg and can be transported by helicopter, transporter aircraft and ship. The system weight includes the basic weapon, optical fire control and section equipment needed to fire the weapon.

M777 is now in full rate production for the U.S. Armed Forces and is the benchmark for 155mm Lightweight Towed Artillery Systems.



Normally 7 (can be a reduced detachment of 5)


Overall Length, Firing Mode: 10,210mm

Overall Width, Firing Mode: 3,720mm

Trunnion Height, Firing: 650mm

Wheel Track Height: 2,300mm

Split Lift Weight, Elevation Mass: 2,414kg

Maximum Tow Ground Clearance: 660mm


Maximum Towed Road Speed: 88km/h

Maximum Towed Cross Country Speed: 50km/h

Air-Braked Towing Vehicle: 4x4, 2.5t


Caliber: 155mm

Barrel Life: 2,650 firing

Maximum Firing Range, Unassisted: 24.7km

Maximum Firing Range, Assisted: 30km

Rate of Fire, Intense: 5 rounds a minute

Rate of Fire, Sustained: 2 rounds a minute

Maximum Charge: Charge 8 super

Fire Control: Direct or indirect firing with electro-optical sighting system for day / night operations

Digital Fire Control System: Optional


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