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'LMV3 will free India from dependence on foreign launchers'

The first experimental flight LVM3. An ISRO photo.

KOTTAYAM (PTI): India's next generation satellite launcher LVM3 being developed by ISRO will free the country from dependence on foreign launchers in sending heavy communication satellites to orbits, former ISRO chief K Radhakrishnan has said.

Speaking after being conferred with honoris causa DSc by Mahatma Gandhi University here, the eminent space scientist said the LVM3, whose developmental flight with a fully functional cryogenic stage is targeted in 2016-17, will also attract a share of global market.

"Recently we crossed a significant milestone in the development of next generation launcher LVM3 that will not only free us within two years from dependence on foreign launchers for our heavy communication satellites, but also attract a share of global market. Also, the unmanned crew module experiment opened up a new direction in space exploration," Radhakrishnan said on Tuesday.

He was referring to the first experimental flight of LVM3, carrying the CARE payload, which lifted off from Sriharikota on December 18, 2014, and successfully tested the atmospheric phase of flight.

Radhakrishnan said India currently has a constellation of 26 Indian satellites that provide a variety of space-based services touching the life of every citizen in the country.

"Our PSLV launcher has an unblemished track record and is sought after in the global market, closely followed by our GSLV with our own Cryogenic Engine," he said.

Radhakrishnan said the preparedness for any possible contingencies and emergencies, as well as harmonised effort of several hundred members of the mission team in ISRO to diligently execute the sequence of operations, with attention to the minutest detail, are central to success of the space mission.

Kerala Governor and Chancellor of the University, P Sathasivam officiated the ceremonial function.

In his special convocation address, Sathasivam said amid the incredible spread and sweep of Information Technology, one has to remember that technological education without a human vision will be lopsided.

"Both should be regarded as complementary, rather than contradictory to each other. Let me remind you that true education involves the full blossoming of human personality, the perfect blending of the head and the heart," he said.


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