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Kongsberg to upgrade Norwegian Air Force's NASAMS

A Kongsberg photo.

KONGSBERG (BNS): Norwegian defence firm Kongsberg has received a contract to deliver an upgraded NASAMS air defence system to the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

The contract is valued at 360 million NOK (USD 61.58 million).

The NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) is produced by Kongsberg and Raytheon, and the upgrade will be delivered within a 2-year timeframe, the company said.

The upgrade consists of deliveries of new High Mobility Launchers for increased mobility, upgrade of the existing FDC Command & Control centres and associated training facilities, it said.

The NASAMS is a state-of-the-art network-centric air defence system. It consists of US-made AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel 3D radars which are integrated with indigenously developed BMC4I system called FDC (Fire Distribution Centre).

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has been operating the system since 1995.


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