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Kongsberg signs contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces

KONGSBERG (BNS): Kongsberg has signed a bridging-phase contract leading to phase 3 with Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (NDLO) for further development of the Joint Strike Missile.

The contract is valued at NOK 480 million, Konsberg said.

The JSM development phase 2 has been finalized and to ensure competence and progress between JSM phase 2 and phase 3, the Norwegian Armed Forces have signed a bridging phase contract prior to parliamentary proceedings and approval of the entire JSM development phase 3.

"The international F-35 user consortium, with the USA as the largest, is showing great interest in the JSM. Therefore we are very pleased with parliamentary support of the development and that the Norwegian government is facilitating further development through all phases," said Walter Qvam, CEO of the Kongsberg Group.

In phase 2 of the project the missile underwent detailed design and a successful integration check for the F-35 as well as for the F-16 and the F-18.

In phase three the missile will be completed and ready for serial production, and there will also be produced several units that will be tested from fighter jets in several practical exercises.

The JSM is the only long-range sea and land-target missile that can be carried internally in the F-35 and thus ensuring the aircrafts low-signature (stealth) capabilities. After a successful phase 3 Kongsberg will be ready to receive orders and start serial production.


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