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Japan postpones launch of 'Michibiki' satellite

An artist's conception of the Michibiki satellite. A JAXA Photo

TOKYO (BNS): Japanese space agency JAXA has postponed the launch of its first quasi-zenith satellite ‘Michibiki’.

The satellite was scheduled to be launched on board an H-IIA launch vehicle from the Tanegashima Space Centre on August 2.

A potential concern found in the onboard reaction wheels of the satellite delayed the launch, JAXA said.

A fresh launch date will be announced soon, it said.

The quasi-zenith satellite system (QZSS) uses multiple satellites having the same orbital period as geostationary satellites with some orbital inclinations known as quasi-zenith orbits.

These satellites are placed in multiple orbital planes, so that one satellite always appears near the zenith above the region of Japan.

‘Michibiki’ will be the first satellite of the system followed by two other QZS satellites Japan is planning to launch. Combined with the existing GPS systems, these satellites will provide highly accurate positioning service all across the country.


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