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J-10 aircraft not exported to Pak over license issue: China

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BEIJING (PTI): China on Friday said it has not exported any J-10 combat jet to Pakistan as the government has not issued an export license for the third-generation multi-role aircraft.

Reacting to media reports that the J-10 has been exported to Pakistan, a top Chinese official said he can state that not a single J-10 has been shipped to the all weather friend.

The J-10, China's domestically made third-generation jet fighter, has not been exported due to the lack of license issued by Chinese authorities, said Ma Zhiping, vice-president of the state-owned China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation.

"Obtaining a national permit in advance of exporting it is top priority," Ma said on the sidelines of the ongoing 15th Aviation Expo/China 2013 here.

"We can anticipate good export prospects, as many potential customers have shown great interest in it and have made enquiries on the price. Many Asian, African and Latin American countries, which include users of Chinese, ex-Soviet and French fighters, form a huge clientele," Ma was quoted as saying by state-run Global Times daily.

Though making big strides in the development of new jet fighters, China is yet to come up with engines that matches the generation of fighters. It currently imports all its high power engines from Russia.

Export would improve China's market competitiveness in the international arms trade as other countries, such the US and Russia, are eagerly promoting their third-generation jets - the F-15, F16, Su-27 and Su-30 - worldwide. While China's customers, in contrast, are still using the second-generation J-7 or J-8, said Song Zhongping, a military critic.

"Since China now has the more advanced J-11 and J-11B, and is developing the fourth-generation J-20 and J-31, we should be more confident that exporting our technology won't lead to any leaks," said Song.


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