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Israel upgrades Shachaf surveillance seaplane

A new observing system was recently installed in the IAF’s Shachaf surveillance seaplane. Photo: Israel Air Force

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israel Defence Forces has installed a new observing system on its Shachaf surveillance seaplane.

The plane is upgraded with a new surveillance, communication systems and interior design to improve its abilities.

The new upgraded system will allow operators to see farther than they could in the past without moving close to dangerous areas.

The total cost of the upgraded systems is around $6 million (22 million shekels). Under the project, IAF has also upgraded the systems which are used for daily patrols, for better communication with counterparts on land and sea.

Israel Navy is also benefitted from the upgraded control and surveillance system, which are installed on the plane. This will allow better cooperation between military arms in the moment of truth.

“We thought about and planned the stations in the plane making its interior comfortable and conducive for a working environment,” an IAF officer and member of the project to upgrade Shachaf, Capt. Ronen Cogan said.

The new systems to be installed on the plane were developed in the Aerospace Industry with the IAF and Navy.

“The Shachaf planes are operational and important to the IAF and the Navy, of the same importance that a ships holds for the latter,” Captain Cogan added.

Currently, the Shachaf planes are part of squadron Anakey Hamidbar which is moved to Nevatim as part of the IDF’s general move to southern Israel.


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