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'Israel not to supply weapon systems to Pakistan'

NEW DELHI (PTI): As its defence ties with India is growing at a rapid pace, Israel has asserted that it will not supply any weapon systems and military hardware to Pakistan, saying the policy in this regard is "very clear" and "strict".

Israeli Ambassador Alon Ushpiz said on Sunday that his country follows very strict guidelines in exporting weapons systems and there was no question of reversing its policy of not supplying military hardware to Pakistan.

"The policy of Government of Israel is (very clear) and we are tremendously strict about it that we do not export weapons system to Pakistan," he said.

A report by Israel's Haaretz newspaper in June had quoted a British government report saying Israel exported military equipment, including hi-tech gear used in combat jets, over the past five years to Pakistan.

Israel had strongly rejected the report, saying it would "not do anything that could undermine" India's security.

"Very specifically we do not export weapons system to Pakistan. We have a very strict set of regulations for exporting. It is very very sophisticated process and different agencies are engaged in that. India is a close friend," he said, replying to a question on the report by the Israeli newspaper.

Expressing satisfaction over the defence ties with India, which is Israel's largest buyer of security equipment, he said there was no possibility of reversing the policy of not supplying weapons systems to Pakistan.

"There is a very strict policy of state of Israel. This is in black and white. The answer to all your questions is a very clear swift long no. You are asking something very very hypothetical and even to that I think the answer is no," Ushpiz said.

Refusing to speak about any specific arms deals with India, he said the defence ties between the two countries was not about "buying and selling".

"I am very proud of the defence relationship," he said, adding Israel was even keen on transfer of technology to India.

Asked about a proposal to supply anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to India, he said, "I will not go into specifics. Even in this case we have best technology."


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