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Israel builds new arms to defend military threat

An Israeli Dolhpin submarine

JERUSALEM (BNS): With sophisticated anti-missile systems and new submarines in its arsenal, Israel is confident about confronting any military challenges from its neighbouring countries.

The country has built up its military capability focussing on defensive technologies having failed to challenge the Hamas in Gaza last year or Hezbollah in 2006.

Israel’s two new submarines can carry nuclear weapons. The army is reportedly developing a new generation of its Arrow defence system to shoot down “Iran's long-range Shihab missiles outside the Earth's atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, a system that can unleash a metallic cloud to shoot down incoming rockets in the skies over Gaza or Lebanon has already been successfully tested. The equipment is expected to be inducted next year.

Israel also plans to buy two more German-made Dolphin submarines, which can be equipped with nuclear-tipped missiles and could be stationed off the coast of Iran.

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