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Iran to build nuke power plants worldwide within next 10 years: Official

A file photo of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant

TEHRAN (BNS): Iran has successfully acquired technology required for producing and enriching uranium and it would build nuclear power plants worldwide within the next ten years, a top official of the country's nuclear organisation has claimed.

“There is no doubt that Iran will be among major constructors of nuclear power plants worldwide within the next ten years,” Deputy Head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Mohammad Saeedi, was quoted as saying by official news agency IRNA on Sunday.

“Some 7,000 centrifuges are now operational in Natanz and the country has successfully accessed technology for producing and enriching uranium,” he said.

The official said that Iran would successfully attain the technology within 12 years despite mounting pressures from home and abroad.

Speaking at a special ceremony to mark the country’s nuclear success and achievements, Saeedi said, “It is among the pride of our system to gain access to such sophisticated and advanced technological know-how under the wise leadership of the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, perseverance of the country's officials, IAEO and the new generation of Iranian scientists.”

The country’s scientists have produced UF6 which is considered as one of the most complicated and sophisticated process in nuclear technology, the official said.

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