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Iran successfully tests anti-submarine torpedo

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TEHRAN (BNS): Iranian Navy on Sunday successfully test-fired an anti-submarine torpedo from its domestically built 'Jamaran destroyer' during the ongoing naval war game, Velayat 89.

According to the media reports, the torpedo has a displacement of around 1,400 tonnes and is equipped for electronic warfare. The anti-submarine torpedo when fired from the warship automatically hunts for the submarine and destroys it.

“Iranian naval forces have currently conducted many full-scale operations based on a well-organised and strategic plan to demonstrate the country’s capabilities in dealing with any threats.” IRNA quoted Iranian military spokesman Rear Admiral Qasem Rostamabadi as saying.

“During the operations, the Iranian forces practiced on how to counter undersurface missiles by firing new Iranian-made bullet,” he said.

The third stage of the six-phase Velayat 89 war game has ended on Sunday and its fourth phase will start on Monday.

Iranian Navy’s ongoing five-stage war game will display the country’s defensive and deterrent naval power in the Islamic Republic’s southern waters.

Soon after the Velayat 89 exercise, Navy will send its newly deployed sea vessel 'Jamaran' in the northern part of the Indian Ocean for carrying out new missions, the news report said.

The naval exercise kicked off just after Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) completed major war games in the Gulf, Sea of Oman and also in the key oil route of Strait of Hormuz.

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