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Insitu Pacific to upgrade Integrator Unmanned Aircraft System

An Insitu Integrator

BRISBANE (BNS): The Integrator Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) of the Insitu Pacific will be soon equipped with high-resolution synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) PicoSAR of SELEX Galileo.

The companies announced the collaboration on Wednesday.

According to the company, Integrator will deliver the highest-resolution SAR imagery available on any tactical UAS with PicoSAR’s active electronically scanned array (AESA) and ground moving target indicator (GMTI) technology.

“Today’s persistent, high-quality SAR platforms, which fly at much higher altitudes, are expensive to operate, so they’re scarce. On Integrator, the warfighter will be able to rapidly apply this advanced SAR technology at close range to targets for high-quality, all-weather change detection,” Insitu Pacific Managing Director Andrew Duggan, said.

Integrator is a tactical asset which is designed for rapid payload integration and it doesn’t require runways to launch or recover.

Weighing in at 10 kilograms, PicoSAR is a compact, light-weight, low-power payload that uses advanced signal processing to develop high-quality SAR imagery previously only seen in much larger SAR payloads.


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