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Indonesian navy inducts new LPD type warship

An Indonesian Navy boat

NEW DELHI (BNS): The Indonesian Navy has inducted a landing platform dock (LPD) type warship, KRI Banjarmasin-592, built by Surabaya-based PT PAL.

The recently launched KRI Banjarmasin was the third LPD joining the Navy. The two other LPDs were built by South Korea’s Daewoo International Corporation and received by the Indonesian Navy last year.

The warship built by Indonesia’s shipbuilding and maintenance company, PT PAL, is reportedly better equipped and has the capacity to carry five helicopters, while the previous LPDs could carry only two helicopters.

The 125m-long LPD can cruise at a maximum speed of 15.4kt and can accommodate 562 troops, 13 tanks, two landing craft vehicles and helicopters, according to Antara news.

The 9,000t KRI Banjarmasin has a stealthy design, which enables it to escape enemy radar. It is fitted with three machine guns of 67mm and 40mm calibre.

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