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India's first N- Submarine water trial on August 15

Russian Akula class nuclear powered attack submarine. A File photo.

NEW DELHI (BNS): India is all set to carry out water trials of its first indigenous nuclear submarine on August 15.

The submarine was schedule to hit water in January but the launch was postponed due to some technical faults. At present the submarine is in Viskhapatnam and the water trial is likely to continue for the next two years before its induction to the navy, media reports said.

The Indian Navy will get another Akula-II class attack submarine 'K-152 Nerpa' on a 10-year lease from Russia by the end of this year, Defence secretary Vijay Singh is currently in Moscow for further talks.

Nuclear submarines are like warships, they carry a remarkable array of weapons both offensive and defensive.

Nuclear submarine can submerge under water for more than three months at a stretch, thereby to avoid enemies detection. Other diesel electric submarines have to surface to replenish air to recharge their batteries.

Consequently, when a nuclear-powered submarine is armed with nuclear-tipped missiles, it becomes most difficult-to-detect-and-engage.Such a capability is important for India, which has declared ‘no first-use’ nuclear doctrine and hence must have ‘survivable and effective’ second-strike capabilities. Their induction will help India to achieve its aim to have an operational ‘nuclear triad’ — the ability to deliver nukes from land, air and sea, according to Times of India.

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