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India's Cartosat-2B satellite starts sending images

An artist's conception of Cartosat-2B. ISRO photo

BANGALORE (BNS): Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has started receiving high-quality images from the advanced remote sensing satellite Cartosat-2B.

The satellite is “working satisfactorily. The initial phase of operations of the satellite has been successfully completed. The camera has been switched on, and images of high quality are being received,” ISRO said on Wednesday.

The space agency had successfully launched Cartosat-2B – the 17th remote sensing satellite of India – into orbit onboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle on July 12.

The 694-kg Cartosat-2B has been designed to augment remote sensing data services to the users of multiple spot scene imagery. Such services are presently being provided by Cartosat-2 and 2A satellites.

Cartosat-2B carries a panchromatic camera similar to that of the Cartosat-2 and 2A, and is capable of imaging a swath (geographical strip of land) of 9.6 km with a resolution of 0.8 metre.

The multiple spot scene imagery sent by Cartosat-2B camera would also be useful for village/cadastral level resource assessment and mapping, detailed urban and infrastructure planning and development, transportation system planning, preparation of large-scale cartographic maps, preparation of micro watershed development plans and monitoring of development works of village.


ISRO  Cartosat-2B  

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