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Indian Navy to procure 3D radars for warships

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Aiming to provide a 360 degree surveillance capability to warships, the Indian Navy is planning to induct state-of-the-art three dimensional (3D) radars for detecting enemy aircraft, helicopters and sea-skimming missiles.

"We are considering induction of 3D air surveillance radars for warships above 3,000 tonnes to detect aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and missiles," Navy officials told PTI here.

They said the radar would also be required to automatically track in three dimensions including range, height and direction.

In a global Request for Information (RFI) issued by the Navy, it has asked the global manufacturers to provide details of the ranges at which they can track enemy fighter aircraft, helicopters and anti-ship missiles.

The Navy wants the radar to be compatible with the latest combat management systems used by it.

The DRDO has already developed a three dimensional radar named Central Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR) for use with the Akash Surface to Air missile system, which is capable of tracking 150 targets.

The DRDO has also developed the maritime version of the 3D radar which is called 'Revathi'.


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