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Indian Navy to commission new base in Gujarat next month

NEW DELHI (PTI): The Navy has decided to ramp up its presence in Gujarat and will commission its new base INS Sardar Patel next month in the coastal town of Porbandar to enhance maritime security.

Gujarat, which has the longest coastline in the country, is very important in terms of economy and security and hence it is natural that Navy is planning augmentation of its activities and infrastructural facilities, defence sources have said.

INS Sardar Patel would be commissioned on May 9.

Currently, Navy shares the Porbandar jetty with Coast Guard and Gujarat Maritime Board.

The Navy is planning to have its own jetty and move some of its ships to Gujarat from Mumbai, from where it currently operates.

Navy has kept a small detachment of Dorner maritime surveillance aircraft and UAVs at the Porbandar airport.

With INS Sardar Patel being commissioned, there would be more financial power and manpower that will be allocated.


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