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Indian Navy employed the maximum percentage women among three services

NEW DELHI (PTI):  The Indian Navy has the maximum percentage of women in its workforce among the three services at 6.5 per cent, according to details provided by the government in Rajya Sabha on Monday.

The percentage of women in the Army and the Indian Air Force is 0.56 and 1.08 respectively.

In a written reply to a question, Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik said 6,807 women are employed in the Army while the number of men serving the force is 12,18,036.

"There has been an increase in the number of women personnel in the armed forces (excluding medical, dental and nursing cadres) during the year 2020 compared to the figures in the year 2019," he said.

The minister said the Indian Air Force has 1.08 per cent women officers excluding those serving in the medical and dental wings. The number of women and men in the IAF is 1,607 and 1,46,727 respectively.

In case of the Indian Navy, the percentage of women officers is 6.5. The number of women serving the Navy is 704 while the strength of men in the force is 10,108, according to the details furnished by the minister.

The figure is in respect of women officers only as women are inducted at officer level at present, the reply mentioned, referring to the Navy.

"In addition to the provision of permanent commission to women officers in Judge Advocate General and Army Education Corps, the government of India has recently announced Grant of permanent commission to women officers in all other Arms/services in which they are eligible for commission," Naik said.

Further, the government of India has sanctioned 1700 women in the Military Police Corps in a phased manner, he added.

"The Indian Air Force undertakes various induction publicity measures to encourage youth including women to join IAF," he said.

Naik said women have been employed as officers in Indian Navy since 1992 wherein only three streams were available to them namely law, education and logistics.

However, over a period of time, a number of other avenues have been opened for women which include positions like observers for maritime reconnaissance aircraft, pilots and avenues in the naval armament inspectorate, he said.

Replying to a separate question, Naik said the number of suicide cases in the Army has been going down due to a large number of measures initiated by the force.

"The number of suicide cases in the Army has been going down due to a large number of measures initiated by the Army including conduct and implementation of recommendations of studies by Defence Institute of Psychological Research. Instances of fratricide are also not on the rise," he added.

He said the steps taken by the Army include employment of trained psychological counselors, improvement in the quality of living, food and clothing, training in stress management and provision of recreational facilities.


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