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Indian Army's winter war games along western border

A file photo.

NEW DELHI (PTI): Mobilising over 20,000 troops and over 200 tanks, the Indian Army will start its winter war games this week along the western border with Pakistan involving the elite 21 Strike Corps.

"The 21 Strike Corps under the Southern Command along with the Jodhpur-based 12 Corps are taking part in the two month-long routine exercise in the western deserts in Pokharan," a senior Army official told reporters here.

The exercise is part of the Army's routine war-games under which it validates its war-fighting concepts and doctrines, he said.

During the exercise, the Army troops will also practise joint operations, with the Indian Air Force fighters and transport aircraft also taking part in the wargames to showcase their fire power.

"The exercise will involve precision munition and advance surveillance systems to achieve a greater degree of network centric capability," he said.

After its experience in 'Operation Parakram' the Indian Army has been practising manoeuvres to reduce the time taken to mobilise its troops to attack enemy formations swiftly.

The wargames come soon after the army successfully carried out two exercises this summer.

Exercise 'Vijayee Bhava' involving the 2 Strike Corps was carried out in the Mahajan ranges in Rajasthan whereas 'Pine Prahar' was held in the plains of Punjab by Jalandhar-based 11 Vajra Corps.


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