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Indian Army's special forces carry out drills

NEW DELHI (PTI):  The Indian Army's airborne and special forces carried out aerial insertion and related drills in an exercise in the Siliguri corridor along the northern border with China to test their response mechanism to deal with any contingencies, officials said on Friday.

The Siliguri Corridor is a stretch of land bordering Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. It connects the Northeast region with the rest of India and is considered very important from the military perspective.

"The airborne and special forces of the Indian Army rehearsed their aerial insertion capability and rapid response along the northern borders in an exercise, with combat free fallers being inserted from an altitude of 20,000 feet, along with logistic supply loads on precision-guided platforms," said an official.

The troops after landing at a location in the Siliguri Corridor, established surveillance positions to guide accurate fire onto selected enemy targets," the official said, explaining the scenarios enacted during the drills.

"As a follow-up, an airborne force of 400 personnel was thereafter deployed by air in rapid succession to swiftly capture objectives," added another official.

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