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Indian Army's artillery wing displays firepower, array of guns

Indian army soldiers display their prowess and deadly firepower during an exercise Sarvatra Prahar at Devlali near Nashik on Tuesday. Photo: PTI.

DEVLALI (PTI): The artillery wing of Indian Army on Tuesday demonstrated its prowess and deadly firepower at an exercise where a wide range of sophisticated weapons were displayed.

The exercise, "sarvatra prahar", was conducted this morning in the ranges of School of Artillery here in Nashik district in North Maharashtra.

A plethora of equipment was employed, showcasing the might of Regiment of Artillery and awesome destructive power.

An entire range of guns, from indigenous 120 mm mortars, 105 mm Indian field gun, 105 mm light field gun, 130 mm medium gun to the sophisticated 155 mm FH 77B Bofors and 122 mm multi-barrel rocket launcher - BM-21 Grad were demonstrated before a gathering.

The gathering consisted of Army officers, cadets of National Defence Academy (NDA), media persons, top police officials and prominent citizens.

The gunners demonstrated accuracy, consistency and overwhelming power of artillery by depicting simultaneous engagement of targets by a number of guns, a defence release said here.

An array of new generation rocket and missile systems like Pinaka, Smerch and a model of BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile were displayed.

Surveillance and target acquisition equipment like the unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance sensors and weapon locating radars were also showcased.

These devices, when used in conjunction with the guns, are capable of augmenting the impact of fire power, thereby acting as force multipliers, the release added.

A special draw was the Cheetah and Chetak helicopters flown by Army pilots who displayed flying skills as they airlifted a 120 mm mortar gun as part of the exercise for delivering firepower resources in inaccessible areas.


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