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Indian Army to conduct military exercise on Western front

CHANDIGARH (PTI):  Offensive formations of the Indian Army are preparing to take part in a military exercise on the Western front this month, according to a defence release here on Thursday.

It is expected to be one of the biggest exercises in recent times and will be witnessed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, and other key officials from Army headquarters, it said.

"The exercise is planned to validate newly converted mechanised formations, also known as Reorganised Plains Infantry Division, test efficacy of latest induction and upgrades in weapons and equipment, and also test the enhanced force ratios accrued post rebalancing of forces on entire Western Front," according to the release.

Validation of tactical concepts of these formations, especially on canal-based operations, and fighting manoeuvre through built-up areas apart from many other latest operational concepts designed to launch a swift punitive blow to the adversary as part of the proactive strategy will be the key features of the exercise, it said.

"The exercise will put into practice the synergy between all arms and services including attack helicopters in a semi desert terrain," it said.

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