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Indian Army takes steps to prevent misuse of new combat uniform

NEW DELHI  (PTI):  The Indian Army has initiated a series of measures to ensure that its new combat uniform is not misused, people familiar with the matter has said.

They said the steps included preventing unauthorized sale of new uniforms and seeking a design patent for it.

The new uniform was unveiled on Army Day on January 15.

The people said strict instructions have been issued prohibiting any serving Army personnel to procure the new uniform from unauthorised vendors. They said on Wednesday once the patent process is completed, any shopkeeper selling the new combat dress without authorisation will face legal actions and subsequent prosecution.

"In keeping the security requirements, the shopkeepers of Delhi Cantonment were sensitised on July 11 by Delhi Police in coordination with Army authorities, to dissuade them from selling unauthorised combat uniform fabric," said an official.

"The uniform is unique in its creation as it has an exclusive digital camouflage pattern, contemporary & functional design and a lighter yet stronger and more breathable fabric," said the official.


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