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Indian Army conducts 5-day exercise to test satellites

NEW DELHI (PTI): In a five-day-long satellite communication exercise, the Indian Army has tested all of its space-based assets to ensure their operational readiness, sources in the defence establishment said on Friday.

The Army has also completed a study on the communication, cyber and electromagnetic effects reported during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, they added.

The exercise named "Skylight" was conducted from July 25 to July 29, the sources said.

The Army is utilising the services of a number of satellites belonging to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), they noted.

The types of satellite communication terminals tested during the exercise included static terminals, transportable vehicle-mounted terminals, man-portable and small form factor man-pack terminals, the sources informed.

The Indian Army is closely studying the war in Ukraine to derive communication technology-related lessons from it, they added.

The focus of the Army's study on the war is on "military communications and electronic warfare", the sources said.

The Indian Army has learned from this war that a tactical communication system, which is operable in a hostile enemy area, with a suitable backhaul is extremely important, they said.

The study has also revealed the efficacy of reliable satellite communication like the one afforded by "Starlink", the sources said.

Taking a cue from it, the Army is engaging with the industry and academia to develop "small form factor hand held secure satellite phones", they added.


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