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Indian Army, IAF conduct joint exercise along western borders

CHANDIGARH (PTI): Indian Army's Shatrujeet Brigade and the Western Command conducted a joint exercise with the Indian Air Force along the western border, officials said on Thursday.

The joint exercise was carried out to deploy paratroopers with new-generation weapon systems in support of mechanised forces deep inside enemy territory to facilitate and enhance the operational reach of their own forces.

C-130J Super Hercules, C-17 Globemaster and AN-32 aircrafts were used to insert troops and specialised equipment into designated areas in the obstacle-ridden terrain with clinical precision, an official statement here said.

"The exercise was carried out in realistic tactical settings and showcased the speed, agility and lethality of the paratroopers to induct into a hostile environment, secure dropping zones, and engage the enemy with surprise, precision and speed," it said.

"A high level of operational preparedness and synergy was displayed between Western Command, strategic forces and the Indian Air Force to undertake integrated operations in an obstacle-ridden terrain," it added.


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