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Indian Army, Air Force conduct joint exercise 'Gagan strike' in Punjab

CHANDIGARH (PTI): Indian Army's Kharga Corps and the Air Force conducted joint exercise 'Gagan strike' in Punjab, a defence release said.

The exercise comprised the deployment of attack helicopters as the aerial arm in support of ground forces carrying out drills, practising annihilation of enemy defences and deep penetration, it said on Friday.

The exercise also showcased precision firepower of the attack helicopters in coordination with ground forces' mechanised columns.

It validated the Apache 64E and Advanced Light Helicopter WSI as potent weapons delivery platforms. The force multiplier effect of combining these machines with ground operations has enhanced the forces' combat superiority, the release said.

The joint exercise, spearheaded by General Officer Commanding, Khagra Corps, Lt Gen Pratik Sharma, was conducted over four days.

Lt Gen Nav K Khanduri, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, witnessed the exercise. He exhorted the combat forces to continue to evolve such concepts and remain prepared to counter any contingency on the western borders, according to the release.

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