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India to modernise Russian-made T-72 tanks: Antony

The T-72 tanks in Indian Army's fleet. A file photo

NEW DELHI (BNS): India will refurbish Russian-origin T-72 tanks operated by its Army instead of completely phasing them out, Defence Minister A K Antony has said.

While the Army has placed an order with DRDO to acquire 124 indigenously-built Arjun Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), “it intends to retrofit/upgrade these tanks (T-72) to enhance their mission reliability and life expectancy,” Antony told the Parliament.

The Army has so far received 85 Arjun MBTs.

“Keeping in view the production capacity for MBT Arjun Tanks and strategic considerations, the Government is also exercising the option for modernising T-72 tanks instead of total replacement of these tanks on completion of their life span,” Antony said.

The Soviet-era T-72 Main Battle Tanks were acquired from Russia over 30 years ago. About 1600 such tanks are presently being operated by the Indian Army.


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