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India to build its space ship with Russian support

Russian Soyuz spacecraft. A file photo

MOSCOW (BNS): Soon India will be having its domestic manned space ship as Russia will support to develop a spacecraft using its Soyuz technology, according to media report.

"The Indian side intends to use the experience of building the manned spaceship Soyuz to advance in building their own spaceship. We will build this spaceship on a similar technical scheme, but it will not resemble Soyuz," a senior official said on Thursday.

According to Russian website Itar-Tass, Chief of the department of piloted programmes of the federal space agency (Roskosmos) Alexei Krasno said that Indian light booster is unfit to carry heavy Soyuz.

"These plans are outlined until 2020," he said.

President and Designer General of the Russian Aerospace Corporation Energia Vitaly Lopota said the corporation's specialists "possess all space technologies," which they can share with Indian partners.

"With Roskosmos's appropriate support we will be able to reequip technically and increase the production of the spaceships Soyuz," he noted.

“New spaceships Soyuz can also be used for the spaceflights of first Indian astronauts. This issue has already been discussed with India,” Krasnov said.

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