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India successfully launches Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System

Wheeler Island: Supersonic missile assisted torpedo system successfully launched from Wheeler Island in Odisha. A PTI Photo

BALASORE, ODISHA (PTI): India has successfully launched Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System (SMAT) from Abdul Kalam island, formerly known as Wheeler Island, off the Odisha coast, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said.

During the mission on Monday, the full range capability of the missile was successfully demonstrated. The system has been designed to enhance anti-submarine warfare capability far beyond the conventional range of the torpedo, the DRDO said.

This was a textbook launch, where the entire trajectory was monitored by the electro optic telemetry system, various range radars, including the down range instrumentation and down range ships. The missile carried a torpedo, parachute delivery system and release mechanisms, said the DRDO statement.

The system is launched from a ground mobile launcher and it can cover a range of distances, the DRDO said.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the teams involved in the successful test of the supersonic missile assisted torpedo system.

The development of the system is a perfect example of building futuristic defence systems in the country, he said.

A number of DRDO laboratories developed various technologies for this advanced missile system. Industry participated in the development and production of various sub-systems.

Secretary, Department of Defence R&D, and DRDO Chairman Dr G Satheesh Reddy also congratulated all those involved in the successful test.

He said the system will further enhance the strength of our Navy and promote self-reliance in defence, harnessing of expertise and capabilities.

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