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India plans to test-fire 3,000 km range 'Agni-2 Prime'

A file photo of India's Agni II missile.

NEW DELHI (PTI): India is planning to test fire by next month 'Agni-2 Prime', an advanced nuclear-capable ballistic missile with a strike range of around 3,000 km.

"We are planning to test fire an advanced nuclear capable Agni-2 Prime missile by next month," Defence Ministry officials said here.

The new missile will be an advancement over the existing Agni-2, which has a strike range of 2,000 km.

The 'Agni-2 Prime' has been developed by making some changes in the Agni 2 missile and will have the same size of boosters which are there in the existing missile but will have an extended range of 1,000 km, they said.

Powered by solid fuel propellants, the 'Prime' will also have a better navigational system and greater accuracy in comparison to the Agni-2 missile.

Newer technologies have also been incorporated in the missile to make it lighter and the weapon system has also been provided with greater thrust.

India has developed a number of variants of the Agni missile series under the Integrated Missile Development Programme (IMDP) with different striking ranges since the 80s.

It is also planning to carry out the first test firing of the Agni-5 ballistic missile by the end of this year, the sources said.

Agni-5 will be able to strike targets in range of 5,000 km and will make India join the league of select nations with such capabilities.

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