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'India formulating strategy to face space-based warfare'

The moon mission showcases and reinforces India's capabilities in the space sector

BANGALORE (PTI): India is formulating a strategy to defend itself against any warfare using space-based assets and all three services were taking adequate steps to make use of them, Union Minister of State for Defence MM Pallam Raju said here Thursday.

Responding to questions at a press conference, Raju said usage of space-based assets for warfare is something India has expressed its reservation against.

"Yet we are conscious that space-based assets may be used against us in warfare. So all the three services (Army, Navy and Air Force) are taking adequate measures to see how we can make use of space-based assets to adequately defend us," Raju said.

"We have to see how they (Indian Space Research Organisation) can use space-based assets for defending a nation and that's what we are actually thinking. We are formulating a strategy on that", the Minister said.

He rejected suggestions by some analysts who see India's moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, slated next week, as part of a space race between New Delhi and Beijing.

"We are constantly challenging ourselves as a nation. It's a race against ourselves and not a race against anybody", Raju said, adding that the mission showcases and reinforces India's capabilities in the space sector.

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