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India developing anti-satellite capabilities: DRDO

An artist's rendition of an anti-satellite technology.

NEW DELHI (PTI): India Monday said it was making the "building blocks" of the technology to develop anti-satellite capabilities as part of its space security measures.

"We are making the building blocks of technology for the space security measures and they are of two types, active and passive. So, we are developing both these elements in this programme," DRDO chief V K Saraswat told the media.

He was responding to queries on India's plans to develop capabilities to destroy satellites in space while speaking on the sidelines of a function to sign MoUs between DRDO laboratories and private industries to commercialise technologies developed by the defence research organisation.

Asked about the developments in the indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence programme, he said, "the (BMD) test is going to be conducted in February."

DRDO is working on the BMD programme, under which it is developing a system to destroy incoming enemy ballistic missiles both in space and in earth's atmosphere.

Commenting on the recent trials of the laser-guided bombs by DRDO, he said, "today is the era of precision guidance and we have to minimise collateral damage. So, DRDO's effort is to ensure that whatever systems used to be of 100 metres accuracy or 200 metres is brought down to the realm of less than 10 metres.

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