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India developing Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. A file photo.

BANGALORE (PTI): India is developing an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) and all technologies required for the project have already been identified, a senior defence official said.

"We have identified all the technologies required for the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle," PS Subramanyam project director and chief of Aeronautical Development Agency, a DRDO lab headquartered here, said.

These technologies include flying wing and stealth, which was most important, he said speaking at newly formed Bangalore Defence and Aerospace Journalists' Forum here.

"Work on the project has begun in different parts of the country, including in laboratories. Technologies are now getting evolved and we are working on configuration in parallel and eventually at some stage user (IAF) requirements will be matched into the design," he said.

Subramanyam said the Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas) was currently undergoing the certification process, which was targeted to be completed by December 27 this year.

"Some 300 to 400 scientists are working on certification programme because the work we have done for last 20 years has to be consolidated and put to scrutiny by the certification agency," he said.

Chief Controller, R&D (Aero & Services Interaction), DRDO, Prahlada said the indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) System, integrated onboard the Brazilian aircraft EMB145 as per Indian Air Force's requirement, would be roll out in January.

It would be flight tested in India later next year, he said during interaction after unveiling the logo of the forum.

Prahlada termed the indigenous AEW&C sytem as "very cost-effective" and "probably the cheapest in the world".

Officials said the AEW&C system (also called AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System) was being developed by the Bangalore-based Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS), a lab under the DRDO for the IAF.

Under a deal signed between India and Brazil in 2008, Embraer aircraft manufacturer was entrusted to modify its EMB145 to carry Active Array Antenna Unit by India on the aircraft's fuselage.

Three modified EMB-145 aircraft would be developed under the agreement.

The indigenous AEW&C system would detect, identify and classify threats present in the surveillance area and act as a command and control centre to support air operations.


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